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Lgbt parenting tips

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For every parent, it's incredibly beneficial to have support through the parenting journey. Friends, family members, and other parents in your life can prove to be invaluable resources when you need help, someone to listen, or someone to ask questions of. Start building your support system early on, and add to it whenever possible. Seek out especially other LGBT parents who can understand your position and provide you with advice and guidance unique to the LGBT parenting perspective. Читать полностью »

Gay fashion tips

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Charles: Did you know they actually make dresses and skirts for men, Frank? I'm not talking about drag either. This is nothing. Also, I feel like there are guys out there who can pull this off, even straight guys. Maybe not this particular print, but it's pretty much just a giant T-shirt. Are you telling me you've never seen straight men in New York walking around in even bigger shirts than this (albeit with giant shorts to match)? Читать полностью »