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The ramblings of a gay cartoonist/WoW player

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Another blahhst from the Pahhst: here’s an episode of my bi-weekly comic strip Curbside: “Coffee Buzz” from 1994. It was in the early 90’s that coffee bars became a thing here in Minneapolis. I still love going to them for writing dates, meeting friends, etc. Anyway, I was really jazzed when I saw the comic clipped out of the newspaper and taped up near the cash registers at a couple of the popular coffee bars of the era: the now-defunct Coffee Gallery on Franklin & Lyndale and Cafe Wyrd on Lake Street, which is now Barbette cafe. As above, I totally did have a crush on one of the handsome baristas at Cafe Wyrd. I wonder what ever happened to him… Читать полностью »

Gay autos of yesteryear

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West Coast Meet - San Luis Obispo - Imagine 3+ days of sunshine and cars in the central California city of San Luis Obispo! This longtime annual event brings together members of Great Autos, The Freewheelers and other regional car clubs for the sheer purpose of car admiration and fun. Not only is there a car show, but cocktails, meals, dancing, excursions, and a fabulous Saturday night show put on by your members of the clubs will leave you dizzy and wanting more. The camaraderie during this event is unparalleled, and the cars--well, simply breathtaking. Heaps of Fun - While people tend to bring their "best" to the preceding events, sometimes you'd just love to show off the car with "potential" that you have been working on. Heaps of Fun is the event to which you want to bring that car. Heaps is a casual March event held in a park setting, and you'll enjoy everything from the cars to the BBQ. Tours and Rallies - We strive to have at least 2-3 road rallies each year in the Southern California area, typically in conjunction with a picnic and BBQ or a museum tour. We visit venues such as Richard Carpenter's personal car collection, the Nethercutt Collection, the Mullin Automotive Museum, and a collection of private garages in Pasadena. We host rallies through the Santa Monica Mountains, up or down the coast of Southern California, from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea, and to and through historic towns. You will never get bored with the wide variety of places we go, and you will be privy to views of some of the most exquisite automobiles on the planet. New Member Event - Each year (typically in February) we hold an event just to welcome members who joined in the previous year. This is a great event to attend just to get your bearings and to learn much more about the club. Parties - Great Autos members love to cook and eat and jump in pools! The club hosts at least a couple of parties each year at private homes, typically in the summer and during the December holidays. Читать полностью »