Is cardigans gay

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Thank you for giving one of the first genuine answers in this thread. I think you're probably right. On the right guy, a good cardigan can look good, but it doesn't exactly highlight every guy's masculinity. I didn't realize that when I phrased that more bluntly this would turn into a hate thread against me. I have no problem with gay people, but I think when you mention the word "gay" in anything other than a totally flattering, positive sense, even if it's just a neutral sense, it turns everyone against you in a lynch mob. Sad really.

Is cardigans gay

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But I think it's safe to assume that most of us at MFA want to look better to attract female attention, in addition to being more confident. Maybe not all guys here, but if women didn't care how we dressed, would you doubt there would be much less subscribers to this sub? And we all know that the stereotype is that gays are well-dressed. Stereotypes got to be stereotypes for a reason. Wearing a tight pink t-shirt is going to make you look gay. Do you deny this? I'm really tired of defending myself every time I'm honest on here. People on this site can be much harsher than they pretend to be.

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Ok, first off quit even bringing up that I said "every". You should know by now that when someone says "every" cardigan, they don't mean every single cardigan. They mean most. So quit nitpicking and finding things to piss you off. Unless you really don't understand that when someone says "every" something, they don't actually mean every single one? And yes, no shit I was thinking about changing my opinion. Why else would I ask this question? Just to have people criticize me? Because I've gotten enough of that in this thread, thank you very much.

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That statement is pretty damn clear. He never states in the post that he is considering a cardigan. Whether he backpedaled in some comment reply down where no one is looking is besides the point. If he wants to clarify by editing his post, he is free to do so. You are giving him a pass by just assuming that he didn't know what he meant or he wasn't being clear. I don't think the issue is the "poor wording", or the use of "flaming", I think the issue is that he clearly states that his opinion is that all cardigans make men look like homosexuals.

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He's associating particular fashion items (at least one of which I think most of us would agree is fairly fashionable) with homosexuality. That is, he's letting his preconceptions color his taste in fashion. I tried making a suggestion to help him utilize his preconceptions to dress better, since it doesn't sound like they're going away anytime soon.

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Not too formal, but it will definitely be above what the average guy is wearing. I think the question you want to ask yourself is essentially "do I want to dress well when I go to class?". What you wear is making a statement, married to your personality. Some people perceive that statement as confidence, organization and responsibility while others may associate it with elitism. Just keep your message in mind.
I wouldn't say I'm close-minded. Maybe normal-minded. Just like I wouldn't want another guy grinding with me at a club. Does that make me close-minded? I'd have to say that most guys would be way too uncomfortable to do that. Most guys are a lot more uncomfortable with their sexuality than they pretend. No need to lie about it here, people. It's the internet. Totally anonymous. I wish people here would quit pretending to be so confident and acting like I'm the odd man out for expressing a legitimate, not too uncommon concern over whether something makes me look gay or not.

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No, seriously. Every time I see a cardigan I think it makes you look like a flaming homo. But I've been seeing more and more guys wearing them lately (at least online/tv, not necessarily in person), and I'm wondering if maybe it doesn't give off this impression. Let's be honest here, there just are some male fashion things that make you look gay, and most straight guys don't want to give off this impression unless they're really, really comfortable with their sexuality. So, opinions?
Why do you think I'm the only one who can learn something here? You think I can learn, I'm trying to return the favor. Fine, don't "jump through my hoops". I don't need you to tell me I'm a good person. Believe me I know, and I'm probably a lot more open-minded than you. In fact, I just had an hour-long conversation with a gay friend about how sex is for them, simply out of curiosity. So if you're implying that I'm a homophobe, stfu because you really have no fucking idea what you're talking about. And if you think you're Mr. Confidence, why don't you go out wearing short shorts and a tight pink deep v neck that says "I like boys" on it? Not so easy is it? No it isn't. By the way, I think I need to "aid your understanding" in how you treat people online. Treat them how you would in person. Don't be an ass just because you can hide behind a wall of anonymity. It just makes you an asshole. If you told someone that condescending bullshit in person, they'd probably kick your ass. So learn to be nicer.

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