Gay fashion tips

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Charles: Did you know they actually make dresses and skirts for men, Frank? I'm not talking about drag either. This is nothing. Also, I feel like there are guys out there who can pull this off, even straight guys. Maybe not this particular print, but it's pretty much just a giant T-shirt. Are you telling me you've never seen straight men in New York walking around in even bigger shirts than this (albeit with giant shorts to match)?

Gay fashion tips

The men of (one straight, one gay) debate the wearability of some of the biggest menswear runway trends of the last year.

The reason women turn to gays for fashion advice is because gay guys have an innate sense of what does and does not fit well. Apply the same advice that you would give someone else on yourself, and make sure you own clothes that fit really well. This, of course, applies to jeans, blazers and trousers. If you have seen Crazy Stupid Love, follow Gosling’s advice – do not go for jeans that give you a mom but, but instead, go for something a bit more snug and fitted, although you should avoid jeggings at all costs. The same goes for suits – every guy, gay or straight, should own a great suit. Luckily the suits of today are not comprised of those wide pants and double-breasted monstrosities. Turn to fitted custom suits, and do not worry about making your look boring. Style it up with a great patterned shirt in a bold color and with a bold pocket square, and you are ready for any upscale occasion, like a dinner party or someone’s wedding. Every gay guy should own at least one suit in his fashion arsenal.
Frank: I would probably wear these, honestly. But it won't be until I'm 70 and my kids put me in a home and the arthritis is acting up so bad that I can't tie shoelaces anymore. The only person I still talk to is the nurse who comes to change the sheets every other week and my cribbage buddies, and every morning I wake up and stare at these sandals for a few minutes, thinking, The moment I put these sandals on is the moment my day begins and I shuffle about without purpose. But you know, technically, I would wear them.


Frank: All I can think about right now is a version of Top Gun that's directed by Andy Warhol. I'd like to think that movie exists in some alternate universe and it is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone's eyeballs. I still wouldn't wear this though. Not unless I wanted neighborhood watch rolling upon me every five minutes because they got a phone call.

The men of (one straight, one gay) debate the wearability of some of the biggest menswear runway <a href="" class="perelink">trends</a> of the last year.

Straight men have been taking gay styles and making them their own for a long time now, so it is time to steal something from them. Athletic style is very hot right now, and it does not matter whether you actually like sports or not; this is not a matter of sports, this is a matter of fashion. Of course, you will not be wearing slouchy sweats (you are not a movie character binge-drinking after a breakup). You will go for stylish and fitted sweats completed by a pair of sneakers that are just meant for walking.

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Unless your arms are toned and tight, steer clear of sleeveless shirts. It does not matter how much you like them, if your arms are flabby, these types of shirts will not do you any favors. Remember advice number three – make it fit, and wearing something unflattering does not go under ‘making it fit’. Therefore, either tone your arms (and they do not have to be bulging biceps) or forgo items with no sleeves. Tank tops are included in this category as well.


Women always say that it is easier for men to shop, and straight men claim that there is nothing left for them to buy since all the fast-fashion retailers have turned their focus from straight to gay guys and are now catering to their fashion needs. To some extent, this is actually true – gay guys now have plenty more fashion options, options that reflect their style. Still, when you are in your twenties, you are bound to make mistakes, especially due to the abundance of choices that can quite often be the wrong ones. That is why we are here with some seriously good style tips to help you define your gay fashion persona.


While most straight men would not even dream of mixing patterns, you should definitely not shy away from this. Patterns, whether they are floral, stripes, polka dots or bold prints, they are here for the taking, and any gay with a bit of flare for the dramatic in the fashion department should own a floral sweatshirt or T-shirt. We are not saying you should be covered in flowers head to toe, but a garment or two to spice things up is always a good idea.

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Frank: I guess this is handy if you ever need to strap yourself to the side of a ship being pelted by tidal waves and want to look good doing it. I don't care if you think this looks good. There's nothing practical about putting on my belt above my waist and restricting my breathing. Maybe this dude wouldn't be so concerned with keeping his blazer closed if he put a shirt on. If I wore this out, everyone would just assume I was super drunk when I got dressed in the morning. I probably was; I just don't need anyone knowing that.

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