Gay family auto center dickinson tx

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Found a 2016 Optima list on their website and for right under $16,999. Called and wanted to know the real price. Apparently if I was: -Military AND -A recent grad AND -Disabled (but it would have to be to the point that they needed to make in house upgrades to the vehicle) AND -Financed with Kia AND -Used it to be an UBER driver (yes I'm serious $1000 Uber discount?!?) ...and a partridge in a pear tree Then and only then I *THINK* i could get it for that price But for me, just a normal guy looking for a car the price was $24,000 and change ( I asked about any rebates they may have I could use,....and NO, none nada) Shouldn't this be illegal?

Gay family auto center dickinson tx

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Buyer look elsewhere I went in to purchase a new KIA for my son to take to college. We drove a couple of models and decided on the one we liked. The dealer had added a Gay value package to the ones that we looked at to the tune of 3 plus thousand dollars. I ask Ryan to work me up a price without that package as the factory warranty was good enough for me.Ryan seemed very annoyed as there were several people looking at cars that day. I gave him my phone number and e-mail address and ask when things slowed down to call,text and or e-mail me with the correct price as we had a ball game to get to with my younger son. After a week and no contact I went to another dealer and was able to get a car without the bait and switch pricing (advertised one thing only to get to the dealer to find out they added a sealer and jacked up the price 3plus k) A coupe more weeks go by and I get an e-mail from Ryan at Gay showing current sales,I sent Ryan an e-mail back and ask to be taken off the list and explained why. A few weeks later (today) I get another e-mail from Ryan with more advertising. I e-mailed Ryan back and ask to be removed yet again or I would share my negative experience. What happened next ? Ryan within an hour sent the advertisement e-mail again. It's one thing not to followup with a potential buyer especially one that was looking to buy local but it's another to not honor a request and then immediately do what you were ask not to do. It's sad that this place has turned to these kind of tactics It's also sad that Ryan is still employed there since he is the reason for several of the negative reviews at this dealership. Mark League City TX Sonia, Did you even read my review ? I was able to get a car for my son,just not at Gay KIA. Because Ryan did not follow up with a pricing request. Also I don't think I mentioned anything about the pricing you have posted. I wanted the price without the Gay KIA value added package. You chose to overlook the arrogance of Ryan and what he did yesterday and a few weeks ago when I ask that he not contact me anymore but within an hour sent the same e-mail. Your canned response to your negative reviews does nothing for you. You would be better off to not respond at all ! MARK G

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Jan 11 2017

I really need to update my previous review. I've been very displeased with Gay Family Kia. This is pertaining their "mistake" and continuing "mistake" since my purchase 4 months ago. Long story short, the deal was going to be 6 months to pay for my car. Their finance department made the "mistake" (which they admitted) of filing the pay way too early, so instead of 6 months, we were at 3 months to pay. We brought this to their attention and they said "there is nothing (they) to do about it." So I filed with the BBB, in which Gay Family finally said, "oh, actually, there is something we can do about it." And we signed a contract further extending, and thus correcting, the months to pay. Well, here I am again looking at another letter from Gay Family saying my payment is due even after we resigned a new contract. This place is very incompetent in their job, and utterly unreliable in their service. Go on further up by 45 to get a Kia. Don't bother having a headache with these people.

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This has more to do with the service department than with the sales department. Be aware that when you go they often try to add services to a simple service you requested like an oil change. I am tired of going in for a simple oil change and made to feel stupid or neglectful to not choose the many services they said my car needs. If you're okay with always having to turn down these additional services or if you do purchase them you walk out with nearly $200 bill, then this is the place for you. However, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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My wife and I went out to test drive a Kia Soul and was told by the sales lady that unless my wife and I were intending to buy that day her "manager" was not allowing any test drives. We were literally one of 2 customers in the entire dealership. I asked to speak with her manager and she quickly backtracked and allowed us to test drive the vehicle. Afterwards she informed us that because of our credit (which wasn't stellar but was still good enough for Capital one to give us a good interest rate) she probably couldn't get us into anything but a base model car. Overall she had zero interest in selling us a car, which is why we took our business elsewhere and will never be returning.

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I was told by 2 other dealerships that Gay Family Kia always pulls a bait-n-switch on price, never honoring advertised price on internet. If you read all the details, you will find a disclaimer that gives them an out. So before I went to dealership I called and talked with sales rep Scotty. I asked specifically if they would honor the price as advertised on the internet before I go to dealership. I was told 'Yes' as long as I financed through Kia and showed proof of military for military rebate. I asked again while talking with Scotty in the dealership. Again I was told they would honor the price. Then we fill-out paperwork for loan, floor manager comes over and oops, there is another $1400 they have to add-on. Also, the finance amount will be more because of loss of rebate with the 0% financing. Never made it that far as I left as soon as floor manager told me they lied. Never, ever trust this dealership. Read reviews, they flat out lie. Can't believe I read reviews and still fell for it. Mad and embarrassed.

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After to talking to internet sales, I was told my offer was accepted! I asked 3 different times to make sure we were on the same page with the price, which we were. I knew I had to pay TT&L and an approximately $400.00 dealer cost. I agreed to those terms. I arrived at the dealer. I had all e-mails, car add, cash, and was ready to buy. I inspected the car and drove it. Told him "yes, I'll take it". Then I was told "Let's see what I can do for you on pricing." I said we have already agreed to the terms, in e-mail. In the e-mail, I had asked and was told all hidden costs, drive out, fees, and TT&L. They ran copies of my e-mails and then almost all of the sales staff went outside reading them. When they came back in, I was told the manager wanted to speak with us. In the manager's office, I was told that no, they would not do the deal. I said I have it here in black and white, agreed terms. He then said, "surely you did not think you would get this car for that price". He also then said, to qualify for the incentives we had to finance through them and that also did not include an extra MANADATORY maintenance package worth $3,500, and window tint, wheel locks, etc. on the car. We asked where those terms were listed in the ad, and it was not in the ad, nor was it in the e-mails. He had this attitude that we wanted to argue with him, and we didn't, we just wanted to buy the car at the previously agreed price. Since when is expecting to get what you agreed to through the internet agent, seen as being argumentative? Then, because he was not getting his way, he started mocking my mother. We told him this is not how you do business, treating people this way and going back on your word. After arguing about features actually ON the car, we asked him to go LOOK at the car (which he really did not want to do, because he apparently "knew" what was on it.) He finally went out to look at the car and then tried to say that there should have been an addendum sticker on it, because they did do extra stuff to it. (The internet listing had the items included in the price.) (The car had no wheel locks, as it was a plain jane model.) After that ordeal, I asked for the owner's contact information. I said, "You know Sophie and her grandmother, the flagship commercial..." To which he replied, "I do not know what you are talking about." So, you do not know your boss? Then he kept saying, "Well I'm trying to sell you a car." After being insulted by management, I feel the community should know how this store is being run. I really feel bad for Armando because I get the feeling that he didn't actually know what happened, and that it's very possible it was the manager using Armando's name when e-mailing me.

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At first I thought everything was great, I found a reasonably priced car online and was going to go in and buy it. I was straight forward and told them I only wanted a specific price range, which was reasonable for the choice of vehicle I was opting to buy. After the test drive and running my credit, they told me my payment would be $75 more than I wanted and the car sales men said "oh I'm such a retard," when he incorrectly inputted something in the system. That is rude and unethical. Will never be buying a car from here. The salesmen are crooks and they apparently enjoy insulting disabled people.
After dealing with the horrible service at Fredy Kia, I decided to give these guys a try. I'm really glad I was able to get a new car and at a decent price without being pressured into making a deal. It did bother me a little that they told me they could get me the price that I wanted then changed it the next day but eventually they got it back where they needed it to be. The only inconvenience is that it is a far drive out (my tint was messed up so I needed to bring in and get fixed.) Overall, I am happy that I was able to do business with them and get something within my limits and standards.

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I have been in talks with these guys and it seems I was about to fall for the bait and switch. Scott is the person I've been talking to. Scott why do you even want to work there if you have to treat people like idiots? After several tries I finally reach Scott. Advertised sorento for $16,299. I was told by multiple people that is the real price only tt&l would be added on. I ask Scott flat out and clear, "is this a purchase or a lease?" He says, "it's whatever you want it to be. you can lease or buy for that price." Scott, do you realize what you just said to me? That's completely idiotic, and for you to treat a willing customer like that is beyond common sense. Why would anyone spend the same amount on a lease and not keep it? I'm going to call corporate and report this. For several days I have been trying to get a written quote as the website states it will do, but just run around.… Sonia, I've read your responses and it's not helping ease any concerns. I guess some chose the darkside to make a living. Hope the best for these people to find an ethical awakening.
Found a 2016 Optima list on their website and for right under $16,999. Called and wanted to know the real price. Apparently if I was: -Military AND -A recent grad AND -Disabled (but it would have to be to the point that they needed to make in house upgrades to the vehicle) AND -Financed with Kia AND -Used it to be an UBER driver (yes I'm serious $1000 Uber discount?!?) ...and a partridge in a pear tree Then and only then I *THINK* i could get it for that price But for me, just a normal guy looking for a car the price was $24,000 and change ( I asked about any rebates they may have I could use,....and NO, none nada) Shouldn't this be illegal?

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Gay Family Auto Center

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